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General Rental Requirements

The community has a comprehensive policy of compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Act, as well as state and local statutes and ordinances. All residents 18 years and older must be screened and listed as lease holders. Applications submitted will be required to go through a strict process of rental, employment, credit checks and the verifications of these subjects. Any omissions, errors or falsifications may result in denial of your application and termination of the right to occupy the apartment.

-Availability here at Walden Crossing is extremely limited to specific apartment homes and we can only reserve a vacant apartment for no more than 14 calendar days starting from the date of the application.

-Combined applicant(s) gross income must be 3 times the market rental amount.
-Applicant(s) must provide two recent paycheck stubs per employer.
-If the applicant is self-employed, then the previous year’s tax return will be an acceptable means of income.
-Any other source of verifiable income, such as an offer letter, most recent year’s tax record or most recent bank deposit statements within 72 hours of completing the application may be considered with proper documentation.

-Applicants must NOT have any rental/landlord debt or eviction records to previous landlord or apartment communities.
-Broken leases may be considered if a $0 balance can be proven and verified.
-Applicant must have no more than (3) late payments or two (2) NSF checks in the past 12 months.
-Applicant shall not have been asked to leave or received a letter of non-renewal.
– All lease obligations must be fulfilled at current residency and proper notice given prior to approval.

– Applicant may NOT have any legal items, bankruptcies or foreclosures on their credit. – A complete credit history report will be obtained from a third-party credit bureau for each adult applicant. Applications are considered as a whole and the credit history is one important factor in the approval process.

– Each application will be checked for criminal background. A misdemeanor or felony: charge, deferred adjudication or conviction does not necessarily disqualify a prospect from becoming a resident. Misdemeanors and felonies considered a possible threat to residents, employees and/or the community are not accepted. The criminal backgrounds are reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis.

– Co-signers will only be accepted for income purposes.
– An investigative consumer report (credit check) and background (criminal check) will be obtained.
– Co-signers must have approved credit and meet all rental requirements. (Co-signers may not be used to compensate for lack of or bad credit or rental history or both.)

– Maximum number of occupants are as follows (children under 12 months are not considered).
1 bedroom – No more than 3 occupants, 2 Bedroom – No more than 5 occupants, 3 Bedroom – No more than 7 occupants
– No one under 18 years of age except children living with their parent(s) or guardian(s).
– An occupant living at the apartment three (3) consecutive days or more, must apply and be listed on the lease.

– For the protection of our residents, aggressive breeds are not allowed at this community. Dogs mixed with an aggressive breed are also not allowed. Please ask for details if you are unsure of your dogs breed.
– $300 Pet Fee is required per pet (2 Pet limit per home).
– An additional $10 monthly pet rent will be added to your rent (for each Pet).
– Pet must not exceed 65lbs at maturity.
– Exotic animals not allowed.

– To allow maximum use of our parking arena, vehicles are limited to a maximum of one vehicle per lease holder and all vehicles must be registered with management. Additional vehicles, commercial vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, trailers etc. will not be permitted on the property without Management’s prior approval. All vehicles are subject to approval for appearance and state regulations.

Please read this document carefully and feel free to ask Management any questions you may have regarding our community's requirements.

By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have read and meet all of the requirements mentioned above.

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